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No Filler Mame Rom Set Version 2

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Mame 195 just came out so that means in 5 months time we will be getting 200 so in celebration I was thinking it would be a perfect time to compile a No Filler Version 2 set. Yeah I know 5 months seem

I have the first version of this set now complete, it consists of 371 rom files that totals 3.16 gigs of drive space. There are some duplicate games such as TMNT, Simpsons, Gauntlet and X-Men to allow

I appreciate the comments and if there are games missing there generally is a reason for it, either I didn't think it was worth adding, had funky controls or I just plain missed or forgotten about the

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4 hours ago, Lordmonkus said:

Can't say its a very good game at all, generic crappy platformer.

Are you talking about the arcade version or the Genesis port? The rotation physics alone make it a cut above the "generic" platformer. Plus the boss battles are minigames. And the art is pretty nice, I think.

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I'd vote for non-merged. 

I'd love sub-splits by platform rather than genre, I know playlists can cover this but I like keeping the files for different arcade boards in different folders.

For missing, I'd put blitz in, but that requires a chd

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Vote for non-merged noted.

I won't be splitting roms out by platform at all, that would be way too time consuming and a pain in the ass. The genre splitting is just there for organization for now and when I do the actual bat files what I was planning on doing is 1 batch file with all the games and separate batch files for each genre if people wanted to use them.

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Under Vertical Shooters, you have Aero Fighters and Sonic Wings. Is that supposed to be Sonic Wings 2? 

Also, a few other recommendations I've been playing recently that you might want to check out:

Captain Commando (futuristic Final Fight set in 2026 Metro City)
Dungeon Magic (isometric, exploration-friendly "open level" beat 'em up)
Undercover Cops (made by the Metal Slug guys, get the "Alpha Renewel Version" with all the moves and music of the Japanese original)

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19 minutes ago, subatomic09 said:

Under Vertical Shooters, you have Aero Fighters and Sonic Wings. Is that supposed to be Sonic Wings 2? 

Fixed, changed it to Aero Fighters / Sonic Wings (series) and added the other games you listed.


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Before I make some recommendations I see you have Crossed Swords II listed, that never came out in the arcades, it was a Neo Geo CD exclusive.


I'm a fighting game guy (was a pretty serious Street Fighter 2 player for many years) so I'll start there:

-For Street Fighter 2 I wouldn't go with just Hyper SF2. That's a very imbalanced game due to the way damage and dizzy scaling changed over the course of the series.  The game is dominated by a few of the Championship Edition characters. I would go with the whole series but I'm extremely biased, for a general list like this I would at least include Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

-For Mortal Kombat, I, II, and III all play very differently so I would include all 3 (include Ultimate MK3 and not vanilla MK3, UMK3 makes MK3 unnecessary). 

- For Samurai Showdown, again, all the entries play pretty differently. For a list like this, though, I would include 2 and 5 Special. SS2 is the best of the older style and 5SP is the best of the newer ones.

- All the King of Fighters games are different but it's mostly system level stuff that the casual player won't really notice. I'd go with at least 98 and 2002. If you only want one, go with 98.

- For the Street Fighter Alpha series go with 2 and 3 (the first one is an unbalanced mess).

-Street Fighter 3: Third Strike - I know you don't want CHD games but SF3 is too important and too popular to leave off. 3rd Strike is the only one of the 3 versions you need. Go with the sfiii3n rom, it's the NoCD version that boots up without the long loading.

- X-Men: Children of the Atom - the original "versus" style game from Capcom

- Cyberbots - Interesting mech fighting game from Capcom

- Rival Schools

-Tekken 3

-Fatal Fury Special - best of original Fatal Fury games

-Real Bout Fatal Fury Special - Best of second series of Fatal Fury games

-Garou - Mark of the Wolves - Best FG on the NeoGeo and one of best of all time.

-World Heroes Perfect - best World Heroes game

-The Last Blade 2

-Rage of the Dragons

-Breakers Revenge

-Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire - looks cheezy (and is, in a good way) but is fun, funny, and has solid fighting mechanics.

-Monster Maulers and Metamoqester - Not sure if these count as fighting games, you play in 1v1 matches against CPU characters and the 2p mode is co-op. Lots of fun, Metamoqester is the better of the two but both are good.



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More recommendations:


-Capcom Sports Club

-Heavy Smash

-Mach Breakers - Numan Athletics 2

-Super Sidekicks 3

-Tecmo Bowl


-The Cliffhanger - Edward Randy

-The Gladiator

-Die Hard Arcade

-Warriors of Fate

Run 'n Gun


-Super Contra

-Dead Connection

-GI Joe

-Mystic Warriors - Sunset Riders with Ninjas!

-Sly Spy/Secret Agent

-Three Wonders

Shooter Horizontal

-Boogie Wings

Shooter Vertical

-Strikers 1945 series




Outfoxies - multiplayer combination of a fighting, platforming, run 'n gun?

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After discussing this with some people I have decided to use the Non Merged set. I realize that this will require a larger download to use the batch file on but the pay off will be a more streamlined and easier to manage set since every game rom will be self contained.

I am also going to start working on this batch set using the 198 rom set as a base to get a head start on it so if anyone has any more input on the games list now is the time to do so.

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