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How to change image order


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How can I change the order in which the images are shown in LB? When I go to edit a game, you can flick through the images in the tiny box and change the image "type", but I see no way to change the order of these images. When I am looking at a game's images, it is very unintuitive to have the back of the box appear first, then the flyer, then perhaps the front of the box, etc. Thanks!

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So no one ever answered to this thread, but I have to bump this really, I really wish there was a way to sort the images. Not just the type, also the images themselves should be sorted based on their name or some other criteria. Right now they are loaded randomly and there is no way to actually keep them in check. There also seems to be a cap in the number of images that are shown, so if you have a game with 200+ images they just don't show up after a while, which is a bummer, I wish at least when viewing them in bigbox that this didn't happen.

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