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How to change image folder

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Hi. I'm new with launchbox. I can't find the way to change the path of the images of my games.
I have an SSD and a HDD Drive. I installed launchbox in the ssd, but i want the downloaded images to be in the HDD, because i have a lot of games. How can i do this?

Thanks in advance.

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Since i'm using same structure for all my frontends (recalbox - batocera - emulationstation and launchbox, yeak i know) i'm for this option too and i wanted to share my "solution" to achieve that:

i created a batch file that contains commands to create a symlink from a folder to another to avoid the haslle of going trough the process to edit platform one by one on each computer.

ex: My scrapped pictures are in "F:\Roms\3do\media\images" and i want Launchbox to use this folder instead of the default folder (Screenshot - Game Select) "F:\LaunchBox\Images\3DO Interactive Multiplayer\Screenshot - Game Select\".

Then the command will look like this: mklink /j "F:\LaunchBox\Images\3DO Interactive Multiplayer\Screenshot - Game Select\" "F:\Roms\3do\media\images"

BUT there is 2 folders name which change for each system on each command to create the whole batch.

- So i created an tabulation file with excel and decomposed the command with a column for each folder that change every lines.


- To ease that process i use the command "cd /d f:/Roms" to get in the folder where i want a text list of its contains with the command: "dir /b > dirlist.txt".

A list named "dirlist.txt" should be created with all folder names.

- Just copy/paste thoses 2 list in right column and correct if needed.

- Once the excell file is completed copy/paste it in text editor and delete the big space (tabulation space) with "ctrl+h replace" function (respect case ticked).

- Save the text file under "XXX.bat"

But before executing the batch we need to delete the destination folder since windows can't create the link if it already exist.

- Make a search in the F:\LaunchBox\Images\ "Select sorte:=dossier nom:" (it wil only search folder containing "select" ans sort it by name, select all and delete.

- Execute batch: a new symlink folder (with a shorctur arrow on it) should be created in each platform folder.

- Start launchbox and  go to tool: refresh all images all should be ok. (be sure to go in options and set image priority to the correct folder in this case: Screenshot - Game Select)

PS: i share also those file it might help someone i hope.

Sorry for my spelling or bad grammary, my mother language is french.





symlink batch contruct.xlsx

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I know it's a necropost, but I wanted to add a more convenient solution to this problem than BelgianFred's solution. I've been using "LinkShellExtension" for 6 or 7 years. It works great. It lets you make symbolic links and junction points and hardlink clones by right-clicking and dragging selected files and folders. I prefer Junction points because it's stored in the file system and works with network shares, but if you don't care about that, symbolic links will accomplish the same thing on the same machine.

You select your files in windows explorer, right click and drag, and then instead of choosing move here / copy here, you choose "drop here" and pick the kind of link you want to make out of a sublist. It's very fast and very convenient. I find I use it for lots of things (like relocating my windows "user" folder to another drive - gotta do it while not logged in as that use though); or when I want something to show up in "My Documents" as well as somewhere else, etc.

And of course, it works well for this situation as well. You would shut down launchbox, move the folders to the drive you want them on, and then drop a symbolic link or junction point back where launchbox normally keeps them. Launchbox then behaves normally, but the files are stored on the drive you want them on.

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