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UltraMap UGC Files (9200+)

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Here is a list of UGC files I created with a script I wrote to parse the MAME 0.195 XML file and scrape out the controls information.

There over 9200 UGC files. You may not have all the games, but since they are tiny files, they don't take up much space. Or just delete what you don't want. For those anal people. :D

Here is the contents of the ReadMe.txt file that is included.


You will need to rename your .um files like so...

Default                         New
2-Way, Left & Right.um  -->     2-way-horizontal.um
2-Way, Left & Right.um  -->     2-way-vertical.um
8-way.um                -->     No Change    
4-way.um                -->     No Change
Analog.um               -->     No Change

Or use the included files.

For whatever reason, the MAME XML for diagonal games does not state that they use diagonal,
therefore these files are not included. You will need to create them manually for games like Q-Bert.

I did not test or open every single file, so there may or may not be any issues.
If you open a game and the mapping is incorrect, open the <rom name>.ugc file in notepad
to see what it is pointing to. If incorrect, just update and save.

Source code is available here for the utility I created to parse and create these files.

There is no warranty implied or expressed with these files or their use.
You use at your own peril. (though doubtful anything bad can happen)




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Thanks @dbinott for the ultramap files as they will come in real handy with my ultrastiks!:)

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Hi and thanks for this contribution but How does it works?

I use Mame64 with 2 U360.

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