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UltraMap UGC Files (9200+)

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Here is a list of UGC files I created with a script I wrote to parse the MAME 0.195 XML file and scrape out the controls information.

There over 9200 UGC files. You may not have all the games, but since they are tiny files, they don't take up much space. Or just delete what you don't want. For those anal people. :D

Here is the contents of the ReadMe.txt file that is included.


You will need to rename your .um files like so...

Default                         New
2-Way, Left & Right.um  -->     2-way-horizontal.um
2-Way, Left & Right.um  -->     2-way-vertical.um
8-way.um                -->     No Change    
4-way.um                -->     No Change
Analog.um               -->     No Change

Or use the included files.

For whatever reason, the MAME XML for diagonal games does not state that they use diagonal,
therefore these files are not included. You will need to create them manually for games like Q-Bert.

I did not test or open every single file, so there may or may not be any issues.
If you open a game and the mapping is incorrect, open the <rom name>.ugc file in notepad
to see what it is pointing to. If incorrect, just update and save.

Source code is available here for the utility I created to parse and create these files.

There is no warranty implied or expressed with these files or their use.
You use at your own peril. (though doubtful anything bad can happen)




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Thank you so much for these!  I was able to get it to work using Additional Apps. But is there an easier way?  Right now I have to do this for each game. For Street Fighter II for example:

Application Path:  C:\Program Files (x86)\UltraMap\UltraMap.exe
Application command-line parameters:  D:\utilities\UltraStik Maps\sf2ceua.ugc
Automatically run before main application.

Then after the game I set it back to analog:

Application Path:  C:\Program Files (x86)\UltraMap\UltraMap.exe
Application command-line parameters:  D:\utilities\UltraStik Maps\analog.ugc
Automatically run after main application.

I tried D:\utilities\UltraStik Maps\%romname%.ugc   but it did not like that.

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@dbinott  Thank you for ths. Could you send some more info on how you have used these.  Are you using Bigbox, Rocketlauncher, or anything else?  Where did you put the files?  any other helpful things or more profiles?


@Fablog  How I use these is with Rocketlauncher (I am 95% sure I know how to work them).  I put them in my rocketlauncher profile directory under mame.  Then in settings you make sure ultramap is turned on and it knows where your executable is located. Or if you don't want to set up rocketlauncher, you could do what @James35is doing.  This would be a long process and I don't know of a quick way to do any of it.  I believe I read in the beta forum that they are looking into making additional apps a lot easier to work with.




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