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Can't Get MESS (Genesis) To Launch With Correct Settings?!

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I have MESSUI64 set as my default emulator for Genesis roms and when using the MESS program on its own, without Launchbox, I can get my Genesis roms to run just the way I want, with correct full screen 4:3 ratio and really nice looking scanlines and saves states and preset volume control and everything I love about Mame that I can never get working properly on other Genesis emulators.

So I was really dissapointed when I tried launcing some roms through LB. I can get them to run (using: genesis -cart -skip_gameinfo -nowindow as the command line prompt) but it will not use any of the settings I have stored in MESS and it gives me ugly stretched looking games that are in the wrong ratio, plus all the controller and keyboard settings are totally messed up. I have tried adding extra command line prompts (like -effect Scanlines75dx4_J4.png etc) but none of these seem to work or maybe I have the syntax wrong?

I really want to work this out because because I'm hoping to run other systems like NES and SNES through MESS as well, because I prefer the usability and options in MESS a lot.

Does anyone know how to do this?



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Set all your base settings in the UI or the ini file and just use the command line genesis -cart

I don't use Mess or Mame for many consoles but I do have some setup and I just use a separate install of Mame just for consoles (personal organizational reasons) and set all my settings in the mame.ini file. This works really well for me and just my personal opinion here but I would recommend using Retroarch for the main line popular 8,16 and 32 bit consoles, these cores a better than the current state of Mame console emulation.

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