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Mame .193 romset help

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Hi All,

So I'm running Mame .193 in Launchbox and used a mame romset that was downloaded from some Final Burn Alpha site. Now the reason for this is that I originally used FBA but just got annoyed that you had to go into every game to setup the controls. So I switched to Mame .193 and just used the FBA romset which has worked very well (roughly 1,900 games). now I have a few games that don't work, the usual suspect ones Killer instinct 1 & 2, Hyper SF2 ect ect. Have done all the tweaks within mame including the CHD file but just can't seem to get these games to work. 

So the other day I downloaded from the mame site the "MAME 0.193 software list merged"  (roughly 55 GB) now I understand that other systems can be setup on mame but when I opened the folders theres just so many other systems within the file, does anybody know which file contains just Arcade related rom files? thought it would be just labelled with mame, but no.

Any help would be great.



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yeah its called MAME 0.193 ROMs. The software lists are only for MESS integrated stuff. If you got it from Pleasure Dome they should be on there. I know you didn't find ROMs on the MAME site so I don't know where you got them

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