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Big Box Playlist Visuals - Things not Working for me as Intended.

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I just got big box after testing regular launchbox for a week and seeing that it handles adding my games quite nicely.

I don't really want to do sorting by platform, I want sorting by genre, and sorting by series (for the serieses that I have with several games). After looking around it looks like the best way to accomplish this is by making smart playlists. So I make the playlists, and they seem to be working pretty well for including the titles, but I'm having some issues with layout and visuals.

Inside the playlists, I found a view that seems to be working great (though a few games didn't auto-grab some of the images so I'll have to find some suitable images online for them or make them).

But in the "Platform list" view for the playlists, I'm having trouble. No matter which theme and view I try for it, the "platform wheel" isn't loading my playlist clear logos, it just shows plain text. At first it was because the images were tagged "banner" (and they were showing up elsewhere), but after going through and setting them all as "Clear Logo" they simply don't seem to be being used.

Can someone help me understand what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks for your time.


[Added Example Image]
I'd like the series titles to be replaced with the series logo. Banners are successfully loading in the bottom left; and "Console Images" are loading at the top if I set something to them. Those work fine. Where I'm struggling is getting the wheel to use the transparent logos.

BigBox Example.png

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Hi Darkholme, this is the dialog you're looking for in LaunchBox:

image.thumb.png.2c7c5cf8ace5c367653fd98323e752ee.pngYou can drag the image into the box on the right, then click the area where the above image says Clear Logo on top of it, and select Clear Logo. It's also possible that you just need to refresh your image cache in Big Box under Options > Image Cache. :)

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