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Why Launchbox/BB vs HS/other frontends?

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I was wondering why folks here have chosen Launchbox over other frontends such as Hyperspin, Emulation Station etc.

My main reasons are:

1. Relatively easy setup
2. The right balance between media overload and clean presentation
3. The ability to have sub-wheels (HS does not allow this at present)
4. The ongoing active development of the app and the active community

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My main reasons

Launchbox is nice clean easy to set up systems with

It's easy just to add roms

It's easy to edit settings for emulators

I tried combination with Hyperspin RocketLauncher but some things was to complicated

Combination with Launchbox Retroarch makes things easier

With Hyperspin you need packs of images to make a wheel look good

With RocketLauncher things can be difficult find right settings for emualators

With Launchbox to me front covers is good enough

I have set up around 20 systems now and soon ready to try out BIGBOX trying themes should be fun


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My reasons are:

1 - Launchbox is the only frontend AFAIK that has a desktop mode (launchbox) AND a couch mode (Bigbox). Other frontends have 1 or the other but not both.

2 - mgalaxy is too simple and not very customizable for my taste. I do love how a female voice says "launching game" when you select a game though. X-D

3 - EmulationStation, Ice and Hyperspin require editing of text files to setup which is a pain in the ass for me, even with documentation. Yes hyperspin does have GUI programs to help make setup easier but still not as easy as launchbox.

4 - Couldn't get rocketlauncher and retrofe working. Maybe I was doing something wrong, IDK.

5 - GameEX crashes on some settings and takes forever to load different themes.

6 - Thanks to Bigbox custom themes, I can download and use themes to make bigbox look like emulationstation, recalbox and even hyperspin.

and many more...


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I've (literally) tried every frontend out there during the past 5-10 years, and now I only use LaunchBox and AttractMode (another frontend) for these (mostly subjective) reasons

1. Hyperspin is very easy to make themes with, but lags on my computer while being a flash-based program, or at least that what its themes are made from. Also, its 'tech' is way behind the times (1024x768), and caters more to those who want a flashy 'in your face' style. 

2. RetroFE is a very nice frontend, relatively easy to set up and customize its themes, but it runs noticeably slow when you add more games, media, videos, etc. There is an obvious wheel-lag whenever I use RetroFE

3. EmulationStation is very snappy and has a lot of great themes to choose from, but it always 'jumps' back to the desktop for 1-2 seconds just before entering and exiting from a game. This doesn't look smooth at all, and is a deal-breaker for me

4. GameEX is great for HTPC setups, but too bloated for my taste, unattractive, a little slow, and  simply not worth the money to get rid of that 'nag' screen while you start up the program

5. Mgalaxy is good for people who want a very simple 'just works' type of frontend, but it's way too simple for my taste and not all that attractive or fun to play around with

6. LaunchBox is the most actively developed frontend available and only gets better and better with time. Jason seems to be very much in tune with what the community wants and is doing a pretty darn good job of keeping his customer-base happy and satisfied :)  

7. LaunchBox is really 3 frontends in one, with LaunchBox as a pure iTunes-like interface to prepare everything with an attractive interface, LaunchBox 'Next' for a more simple, clean and snappy version of the previous version, and BigBox for the ultimate eye candy.

8. The possibilities seem to be endless with LaunchBox/BigBox. So I keep coming back here everyday to see what new things are brewing up and being developed at such a wild and fantastic pace  

I'm sure that there's more reasons but I'm too sleepy to keep going, and I think I made my point :) 

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