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Working on a new project to create "Front Box Covers" for the Arcade Platform (no filler all killer set). Since box covers don't actually exist I thought it would be a cool idea to create a representation of the front of an arcade machine as that what you would see walking up. I've altered some artwork assets Viking shared from his video set to create a template I can load marque and screenshot graphics into that comes out pretty good. Need to streamline the template a bit more with a few tweeks including various proportioned screeds (for vertical and odd sized res games) but that's coming along. 

Figured I'd ask for others opinions on what would be tweeks that could be made that they think would make it come out better. 

Screenshot of what they look like in action as well as with and without a game screenshot are below.


Altered Beast-NoScreenGraphc.png

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-01.png

Super Baseball 2020-01.png



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Well this is going slower than I hoped. This evening was the first time I had to chance to do any as baseball has been getting in the way of my free time as of late. A couple here that I was able to get done. With the new marquees retrolust is doing I may wind up redoing these down the line.

Alpha Mission II-01.png

Aero Fighters 2-01.png

Andro Dunos-01.png

Baseball Stars 2-01.png

Battle Flip Shot-01.png

Blazing Star-01.png

Blue_s Journey-01.png

Breakers Revenge-01.png

Art of Fighting 3_ The Path of the Warrior-01.png

Bang Bead-01.png

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I had the same exact idea ~half a year ago :)
Are you still on it? I made all of my artworks for RetroArch by myself (looked for good scans and made custom ones for ROM hacks and stuff). Do you still have the .PSD file of your template? It's exactly what I am looking for :) I'd also contribute my games' arts here when I'm done.

Thx for your consideration!


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