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Xarcade tankstick with trackball

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Sorry about the delay.  I found the tankstick but it has all the button removed and It would require rewiring them, I have them all.  The joysticks and trackball are still in place.  Not sure when I would get around to rewiring the buttons.  I would give it up for $50 (minus shipping) in its current condition if you are interested.  If not, I totally understand.

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Yup I have the board that it came, and I also think I have the LED I pac for the lights.  But everything is disconnected and would require rewiring.  the only things that are still wired are the jotsticks and the trackball.

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I am in NJ just outside of NYC.  I will add photos this weekend.  All the buttons are removed but the switches are still in place and the trackball is perfect.  It need to be reassembled.  After the photos, let me know if you still want it.

No LED Blinky panel is offered.

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