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My custom Big Box videos/logos for the SEGA MD/Gen

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Here is a video of some custom videos and platform clear logos I have made for the SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis which is my favorite console. I like to split some of the systems up into various regions and categories etc. Number 1 and 4 in the list are the standard ones created by @viking and the rest I did myself. The first minute of the video is scrolling down to the MD / Gen. The regions and categories are:

  1. SEGA Genesis
  2. SEGA Mega Drive (Brazil)
  3. SEGA Mega Drive (China)
  4. SEGA Mega Drive (Europe)
  5. SEGA Mega Drive (Japan)
  6. SEGA Mega Drive (Prototypes)
  7. SEGA Mega Drive (SEGA Game Toshokan)
  8. SEGA Mega Drive (Sonic Hacks)
  9. SEGA Mega Drive (SOR Hacks)
  10. SEGA Mega Drive (Translations)
  11. SEGA Mega Drive (Unlicensed)

I have made other custom videos and the likes for other platforms but will show it all off when I have completely finished, probably in fifty years. The video is unlisted on YouTube so if there is any problems viewing it let me know and I will change it.

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6 minutes ago, Shinryu said:

holy cow you got a LOT of platforms. 8-O

Haha, yeah there are quite a few systems there. I do like my video games. I am not saying I will not add more but for now I am more concentrating on the artwork side of things and making everything look all pretty like. Also, getting everything up and running of course. I would say probably about 70% of all that is running.

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