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Duplicate Platfroms Created When Importing MAME and Daphne

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Good day friends,

With ETA's recent tutorial on importing MAME, I was finally successful in adding that collection to LaunchBox. In doing so, I had selected the option to also create the subcategories (if you will) that fall into the classics- Atari, Data East, Nintendo, etc. A few days later I managed to also import my Daphne collection using the .txt and .bat files ETA has included that with that tutorial. However, now I appear to have two Daphne platforms in both LaunchBox and BigBox. I was wondering what would be the best solution so that there is only one Daphne entry?

Any assistance would be much appreciated, thank you.

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The one created during your Mame import is actually added as a playlist. Getting rid of that one is easy.

Close Launchbox/BigBox. Go to \Launchbox\Data\Playlist folder and delete the Daphne.xml in that file (or you can save it somewhere other than that folder if you ever wish to add it back easily). When you reopen Launchbox you should only see the Daphne that you imported from the .txt / .bat files.

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