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Restoration project Pyros / Wardner bezel artwork

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I came across this amazing bezel and was surprised it wasn't available yet in the artwork/bezel sections on the internet, as I love this artwork (reminds me a bit of my favorite game Ghouls 'n Ghosts) I took on this side project to restore it from these lower quality images. At the moment of this writing it is still a work in progres, the finished result is for anyone that want to use it in his/her projects. 

The source material:0014649-pyros.thumb.jpg.0f0a3801d12807974ec83b579efeca8b.jpg7d137a87e448136cb61b42ac0afebd7b.image.500x375.jpg.b75b3b109161d25a8be5d68873720d62.jpg78f85b08886e1b7c13296adb9def5031.image.500x375.jpg.843db800055741fcce8fab11e1d7209a.jpge81bce3f569e66b47b0cac517c1565c3.image.500x375.jpg.54a68115f8b546f6f7555cc1d441ca37.jpgeb9fae376593935db2ed7a3d17705bb2.image.500x375.jpg.eda6464d92a4716086488db17f376196.jpgStitching, color and level correction and general shopping:


5af996d501460_Pyros-WardnerBezel.thumb.png.0d5f730bd746979b451e1441d7a0689e.pngWill show the finished post-vector result today, if I can make out the text and put it in.

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