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Chris Kant

How managing the Images related to Region?

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Dear all,


I am working now for over a year with Launchbox plus BigBox but still have a lot to learn.

currently I want to set up some systems as good as possible with the artworks etc. but lack with the region thing as well.

for example I have the NES Game 1942. all available artworks form the GamesDB are downloaded, regions are also managed in the options fo launchbox (no flag on Japan)

5b015e03a17af_Bildschirmfoto2018-05-20um13_36_59.png.aa3ed9d96a40f8007d067be43d1b8c13.pngbut launchbox shows me the Japan fron cover artwork instead of the also available US one. why?

5b015e2d68ff0_Bildschirmfoto2018-05-20um13_33_09.thumb.png.b17fb91ad927415d921ca4b975496634.pngor where can I can set up which region this system should show first or which artwork does have an region tag added or soooo.


probably for the next POLL of features I would like to have some new features for the gamesdb plus how to handle it in launchbox and big box.

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