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I'm loving LaunchBox Next!


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I'm loving the new LaunchBox Next! It's obviously missing a lot of features right now but that's to be expected. My absolute favorite new thing about LaunchBox Next is how it loads your boxart images into memory. No more waiting for them to load up one or a couple at a time. It only happens the first time you view them all, but once that's done never again. It runs smoothly. I really hope it stays this way. Thanks for your hard work guys. It's appreciated.

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Thanks for the reply. I'll probably upgrade my total ram count from 8gb to at least 12gb. There's a constant stuttering going on with my BB, but I know some users on the forums that has a way bigger library than mine and it looks like theirs are running fine.

I spent too much time adding content than polishing my setup. Plus with some of the features that were chosen on the last poll, so much great things to come, it's a never ending project :D

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