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Hi All,

Does anyone have the eeprom/nvram file for Street fighter Alpha 3 that has the light blue title screen unlocked?

Originally on arcade you had to leave the machine running for 5 weeks approximately to activate this screen. There are 5 different colour screens, this being the last one.  A different colour activating every week.

There are also codes to enter in the input test menu but you have to do them quickly, I haven't mastered them yet.

The full explanation is here http://streetfighter.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_cheats/codes

thanks in advance






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6 minutes ago, bman83 said:

Hi Thanks for your fast reply, I have tried this over a weekend and I did not get any colour change, have you got this method to work?>



lol I was totally joking but that takes dedication right there

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I don't know about for that specific version but for me it was get the cheat.zip file and put it in the \Mame\cheat\ folder and then enable  cheat in the mame.ini file under the # CORE MISC OPTIONS section. Once that was done pressing Tab to bring up the Mame menu has a Cheat section added to it.

I'm using Mame 194.

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