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Redream Emulator setup

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There's nothing special with it at all other than an AHK script to close it out.

This are the settings I use: I added the -fullscreen to the command line to make sure games are always launched in fullscreen. So far I'm not too sold on it, but I might switch if the compat

Just tested the latest version from the website and what I posted back on the first page still works perfectly for me. Maybe you got 1 of the boxes on the edit emulator window checked and that is

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1 minute ago, Lordmonkus said:

I like to keep games that have more than 1 file in their own folder, this is common with CD based stuff which usually are in cue + bin format. I do this more for organizational reasons than emulator and Launchbox functionality.

Agreed, or as CHD's if that is available in the emu.

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I'm having the same problem as the initial poster with the latest version of redream - it just takes me to the redream game menu. Anyone have any suggestions/workarounds?  I have everything configured as recommended. Thanks!


[UPDATE] Never mind. I was stupidly importing GDI and BIN files.

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Hi guys, 

Redream keeps crashing for me.  I click on a cdi game,  it opens to a black screen.  I try Redream outside of Launchbox,  and the second I click on anything within the Redream menu,  the program crashes. 

It loads on one PC (older)  but not my newer pc that I set up for gaming. 

Any thoughts?  

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We need a little more info to help narrow it down I think.  For example, what are the basic specs of your newer PC (the one that it's crashing in)? Was it working in that PC before, or never has?  Do other emulators work in that PC, and just Redream crashes?

For example:
- Processor?
- Video Card?
- How much ram?
- OS (which version of windows, 32-bit or 64-bit)?

Maybe once we get that info, someone could spot the part that's causing the issue.  For now, if we tried answering that it would just be a total guess as to what might be causing it :(


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1 hour ago, Beanie moo said:

Guys I know this is an old post but this is doing my head in total noob at this learning as I go along how do I get redream to stop booting up from launchbox 😒

There is nothing special needed in the emulator settings in LB. Edit Redream in LB and post a pic of the Details tab a pic of the Associated Platforms tab.

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Omg I can't believe it I finally sussed out what was going on they all worked in redream separately. 

Bloody launchbox had made the file path bin files for each game changed them to the gdi or cdi files and its working crazy something and nothing but so frustrating thanks for getting back to me I really didn't expect a reply how do I get the non compatible Redream games to work like sega rally 🤔😂😂😂

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Just now, Beanie moo said:

Bloody launchbox had made the file path bin files for each game

Thats why i asked, Launchbox just imported what you told it to, no more, no less, for CD based systems with more than one file you need to specify what to import, generally just by highlighting them and dragging and dropping to Launchbox. As for the WinCE games you will have to specify a different emulator in the edit window of the specific games if you have already imported them, as they will be set to use Redream also currently. You can do this in bulk by highlighting all the games you want to change and then right clicking one and edit, to open the bulk edit wizard.

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5 minutes ago, Beanie moo said:

Yeah totally my doing I've never attempted anything like this untill my Christmas present stopped working 

Any idea which wince emulator is the best to use again sorry for me  being a total idiot 😂🙄

You only have two options, Demul, or the Flycast core in Retroarch, i use Flycast.

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