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Also, all content featured on my channel won't be released until my Youtube Channel reaches 1,000 subscribers. This is to weed out the trolls and attract the ones who respect me and my work. And also, exceptions can be made for those who take the time to contact me and be respectful. Thanks.



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2 minutes ago, DOS76 said:

well if we removed it why would you think we would want you to repost it?

Because I believe it wasn't removed for content reasons, but because it was posted by a sock account.

Content is relevant, but the bizarre use of a sock account got it removed is all.

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For anyone curious, James has unfortunately moved on (he did a while ago). He's doing some sneaking around (amongst other things), and hasn't exactly responded positively in a number of situations, so we've decided that it's best to make it a clean break.

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