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Launchbox Next 8.4 & 8.5 issues

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I believe if you launch a game through Launchbox / Bigbox it will halt the process until the game is terminated (reducing the cpu usage). It is known that Launchbox is CPU / memory intensive.

Time to upgrade the machine.


For everyone else, it would also be good to know the specs of your machine as well as the operating system.

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On 8/19/2018 at 9:51 AM, johnnyskullhead said:

1- Cant have desktop background in Launchbox next but works fine in standard

Custom backgrounds work perfectly fine for me in LB Next.

On 8/19/2018 at 9:51 AM, johnnyskullhead said:

2- Cpu usage in next is off the chart, again fine in standard , this happens just in menus dont even wanna try running an emulator


35 minutes ago, johnnyskullhead said:

Just downloaded Version 8.7 and still the same CPU usage is 80 % just booting up Launchbox and stays the same for 15 mins plus

It may be caching your images and if you have a large library depending on your systems specs this may take a little while but the CPU usage should settle down once that is done.

14 minutes ago, Kevin_Flynn said:

It is known that Launchbox is CPU / memory intensive.

I wouldn't call LB all that CPU intensive once the image caching is done. It is a bit memory intensive though and BB does benefit from a real graphics card.

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Ok will try to cache images

But main problem is the fact it was fine up to Launchbox Next, standard launchbox had none of these issues , the back ground imaging is still not working as well

I have a geforce 1060 GPU so that should be fine


there should be an option to go back to standard Lasunchbox for me the release is broken

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If you have problems with Launchbox Next and wish to go back you can check your Updates folder for an older installer and reinstall that but the old LB is no longer being developed and you will have to stick with the old version without updates. If you don't have any of the older versions email support and they will get you a download link for an older build.

Launchbox Next has been pretty thoroughly tested and very few people have had any issues such as the ones you are describing. Launchbox Next in fact runs better for pretty much everyone and because of the way it is coded it makes the future features to come possible.

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