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Noob questions on Big Box!

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Hello all! 


I've recently purchased the Big Box package because well... I wanted to support a cool way to catalogue media and really hope I can use this software for a jukebox as well someday ( looking at you music mode! ) In the meantime I've hit a few walls with ROMs and realised I should just embarrass myself and ask for some guidance. So here goes, and please don't laugh too hard -- It took awhile to get this far!


1) I think I've figured out how to get themes to work -- some are individually made and I can adjust them / download them for different sections. But I already have loads of gigs of videos for files that I'm not sure how to get LB/BB to find them. Base don where I got them, I'd make the assumption they are all for MAME files

2)  First I'm looking for a way to get as many titles working on default controls at the same time. Is the best way via the updated video on retroarch? It looked like it was more for consoles than MAME which is what I'm working to tackle first so is there something I'm missing that's core related?

3) Some titles have versions that work while others don't, is there a place where I can setup the default version to launch with from BB mode?

4) I've told LB/BB to scan for ROM, leaving out non-working titles, etc but loads and loads of titles when loaded remind me that they don't work. Do I need to manually sift through these ones? 

5) Same issue with repeated titles, when I think I've removed how it allow for repeats so I get loads and loads of repeats, many of which don't actually work

6) Many of the sections, say 'Data East' don't actually show all of the titles in the BB mode, only showing the first few. Can someone confirm I need to add these manually or is there a setting I've missed


Thank you in advance! I'm sure there is a question I forgot to ask, but I think I should start here!


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