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Games with titles starting with the same word mistakenly share images

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I've got a couple of games I had to rename and redownload their images because they are grouping images together as if they are the same game.

Examples are Psycho and Psycho Pinball, and Eilte and Elite Plus.

As a temporary workaround, I renamed Psycho to Psycho: Arcade Quest and I renamed Elite Plus to Elite+.


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Same with me, I tried to download media and metadata for spider (spider.zip) and it gave me a video for spiderman the video game. Normally, it finds play videos, not the cinematics, but that is what it did with this one. Previous versions gave me no matching video. How do I correct it, BTW? Where do I delete that video or at least unlink it to that rom?

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Hmm, the problem I'm having doesn't have to do with downloading images.  All the correct images download to the correct games, but once everything is downloaded correctly, I click on them and they are sharing images. Psycho pinball had images from Psycho (an adventure game) and Elite Plus (a VGA game) had images from Elite (a EGA game.)

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