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Launchbox doesn't find games on emumovies regardless we add alternate names on database

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Explanation: As many of you know, emumovies uses some naming convention for the scrapping/downloading data system, usually recognices goodsnes and hyperlist naming conventions. To bypass failure on retrieving correct info on emumovies system the community are adding alternate names to launchbox with the launchbox hability to use it in some kind of recursive system. But in some cases the system is failing. An example

https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/26599 This game have as first title Elfaria II (full cover text content as first title) an also have Elfaria II: The Quest of the Meld as alternate name (in emumovies database they have named under this full name) But scrapping and detection only works if we name it as Elfaria II: The Quest of the Meld, something happens here, launchbox doesn't use the alternate name to retrieve info? Only use the first name? Doesn't do recursive and retry to avoid it?

@Jason Carr

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