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Hi guys

Does anyone of you knowledgeable souls happen to know of a way to migrate roms/isos to a new location whilst keeping the relative folder structure?
The inbuilt tool doesn't do it, it makes the new location absolute.

I have some multi file/disc games in folders, or use folders for naming purposes sometimes.

cheers in advance

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Solved it,

I just found the replace text function inside notepad++.

I'll leave this here for anyone in the same boat;

In Launchbox/data/platforms there are .xml files for each platform. Open them, put your mouse cursor on the top line and Hit control+F for find, the second tab in the dialogue is "replace". type the beginning of the old directory (in my case G:\games) and leave the rest them either replace with the new location, or in my case I replaced with nothing as I am moving them inside launchbox for a portable setup and it doesn't need a drive for relative paths.

Would still be good to have the inbuilt move tool do this though, I can't imagine a situation where relative path would be worse in anyway.


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