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Launchbox 8.6 + Mame not finding games?

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Hi All, 

Thank you in advance and thanks to everyone who contributes to this wonderful platform. I am having some issues getting Mame to find my games. It was working before the update. I re-imported Mame after 8.6 because of the new features which are AMAZING by the way. THANK YOU.

I feel as if i am missing something obvious but I cant seem to figure it out...

Mame works outside of launchbox

image.png.531ba6665a0b863c8c8fcb49167b4e7f.pngIn Launchbox everything appears to be good. 

image.thumb.png.c1cbfb4b7639de48897dd18ea85bc474.pngI selected Cadash World via Launchbox and received these errors:

image.thumb.png.16a49179a04b2171f8d8780d56639e0a.pngimage.thumb.png.873220fd4d59fb3f8dc2793420b4e1e0.pngMames Game Directory

image.thumb.png.03d8b71f753dee5c149f7db7746b8065.pngLaunchbox Game directory


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I have my MAME roms in two folders, because I have specific config in RetroArch: Horizontal and Vertical.

With the method Import > ROM File, the LaunchBox don't import all games. Same problem as the previous version.

With the method Import > MAME Arcade Full Set, the LaunchBox import much more games, even games that I don't have.

The LaunchBox accept only folder contain the full set?? What is the solution?


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