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Lost all LB seetings after 8.7 update

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not sure what happened but my system updated as it normally does on new release . after the release installed my launch box is completely empty., no roms no systems ..nada   so is there a way to restore a backup ??? cause thats a huge issue to have to restore cause i had a lot everything  

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this is the error im getting when i launched :


Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:    CLR20r3
  Problem Signature 01:    LaunchBox.exe
  Problem Signature 02:
  Problem Signature 03:    5b96a2aa
  Problem Signature 04:    LaunchBox
  Problem Signature 05:
  Problem Signature 06:    5b96a2aa
  Problem Signature 07:    430
  Problem Signature 08:    0
  Problem Signature 09:    System.NullReferenceException
  OS Version:    6.3.9600.
  Locale ID:    1033

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