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Combining discs in 1 folder for ps1 Roms

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1 hour ago, MalachiMaverick said:

Wait, if you can combine multi disc games into one file, then does that mean that you won't have to worry about the change disc screen that comes up in game when the disc is over?

You aren't merging the disks, you combine the games in LB so both are under 1 game entry and then you can select which game you want to load using the Additional Apps.

Import both games cue files into LB and once they are there you can select both games, right click and combine.920491281_2018-09-1401_12_52-Window.thumb.jpg.b0cd50d91bcf073610f157eec36d899e.jpg2058397571_2018-09-1401_13_25-Window.thumb.jpg.d015da47082bc2eba5a7eeb7a0757760.jpg321110101_2018-09-1401_14_01-Window.thumb.jpg.301488ebb063865d6123e4933c1dac9b.jpg214857082_2018-09-1401_14_20-.jpg.b72ff49ec78bcfabcf2144023e55ceb4.jpg477956885_2018-09-1401_15_18-Window.thumb.jpg.6b783bbcb77af9cc71525c6ad677566b.jpg


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11 minutes ago, Lordmonkus said:

Retroarch has it's owb built in disk swapping through the quick menu, this what I have shown here is for launching specific disks from LB.

Is swapping discs pretty accurate, and bug free now? No crashes or other dumb things happening that shouldn't happen? Does it just work the way it's supposed to like it would in the real hardware when you use RetroArch?

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30 minutes ago, RandyMackDaddy said:

Meaning, will big box show 2 different games or will it combine them and you can play through without having to change games (discs)?

You can have it show separated or combined, your choice.

You will have to swap disks because that's on the emulator, not LB.

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