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MAME or Retroarch?

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What would be the best emulator for arcades?
Currently I use Retroarch, for the convenience of using filters, Retroachievements, etc ..., but wanted to know if there is any advantage in using MAME.

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Assuming you are already familiar with RetroArch and do not any issues setting it up, it mainly boils down to personal preference. The regular Arcade MAME core is kept current to the regular MAME release. Some like running regular MAME or one of its variants vs RetroArch because they already have a large number of MAME specific arts files and bezels (you can still use these with RetroArch, but it does take a little work to bring them under the Retroarch structure). Other than what I've mentioned, I wouldn't really be concerned about it. Both work great once you get some experience under your belt.

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