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General Games DB Questions?

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1. How do we submit to get new platforms added to the Games DB? - A good Example is `Pioneer Palcom LaserDisc` which appears in a few themes (or has a Unified Video on Emumovies) as a possible Platform.

2. For Platforms on the Games DB there, what is the process for image control?  It would be nice to see the default Bannar's and clear logos that would be downloaded for the platform, In fact it would also be nice to see multiple versions of the devices as images as well (Example Atari 2600 had multiple different versions in it's long print run.)

3. As a community (or as the Games DB Moderators) should there not be a defined method to the naming of the Platforms rather then most following a pattern and few not? - Naming for most follow the pattern [Producer] [Game System] where some systems are missing there producer, like the `Bandai Wonderswan` or the `Panisonic 3DO Interactive Multiplayer`, named `Wonderswan` and `Interactive Multiplayer` respectively.

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*Moved topic to the Games DB subforums*

The Games DB moderators do have set parameters for criteria being entered so they would be the best to answer your questions. I do know for #1 when you register for the Games DB there is a link to submit a new platform. 


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Just now, Gaming.Zone said:



Was not sure where this should go from a Newb perspective, thus why I asked there.  I appreciate the help so far.

~Gaming Zone

No worries. We really are not sticklers for things like this and do not move threads a lot, but I think the Games DB mods frequent these subforums more so you may get faster answers in the right area. 

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