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1 hour ago, vgbox said:

@dragon57 So i downloaded a clean (no demos, no betas, etc.) 1G1R (one game, one rom) no-intro genesis-megadrive  set (USA, Europe, Japan) and more games seem to show bezels but still, some games won't show bezels, examples:

Not showing bezels:

Sipder-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage (World)

Showing bezels:

Spider-Man (North America, Europe)


What could be the problem?

Btw, RA Genesis Plus GX core is updated. 

I PM'd you my Rom set list.

You must verify your rom names more carefully. As I have said multiple times in this thread, the rom name must match the cfg file name exactly. The bezel file is spelled like this: Spider-Man and Venom - Maximum Carnage (World). Your rom name for this game is spelled like this: Spider-Man . Venom - Maximum Carnage (World)

Random checks for other rom names show mismatches as well.

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I used FatMatch to rename my SMS cfg's (configured 65% accuracy) but for some reason as seen in the screenshot, it won't list "Aladdin (Europe, Brazil).zip"-----"Aladdin (Europe).cfg" while it will list other similarly related files like Ace of Aces (Europe, Brazil).zip-----Ace of Aces (Europe).cfg,

1. Why it won't list it? As you can see the list is alphabetical. Also, both files are present in their respective folders.

2. Is there recommended settings for renaming?

I'm aware that there cannot be 100% accuracy and i read the whole thread and found no answers.



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I just posted V1.1.1 of my Windows bezel installer app.

Changes include PS3 Retroarch output support as well as a 2nd bezel design type. We are calling the original and continued bezels 'themed' and the new type 'system art'. You will need to pull an update under option 1 to get the new listings. Also make sure you select which bezel type to download in Preferences. Below are a few examples of the new type (only 13 sets as of this post, but more are coming).

Please let me know if you run in to any problems/issues.

3-D Pinball - Pinball Power (Europe).png

Ace of Aces (USA).png

Adventure (USA).png

Carol Shaw's River Raid (USA).png

ECW Hardcore Revolution (USA).png

Mouse Trap (USA, Europe).png

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