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(Batch File) Rename Gamebase Games and Extras

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Ok these files allow you to rename any Gamebase collection Games, Screenshots, Sids, and Extras!

Ok so I know this is not exactly what everyone was looking for, but I created a renamer for GB64 V15.  It is a simple batch file.  If I can I will attach both the excel and the batch file so you can update it with v16 if it ever comes out.  This was very easy to be made, and the end result is this 

MOVE "j\JUMPMAN1_04000_02.zip" "Jumpman (4000).zip"



Instructions on how to convert to other gamebases.


01. Open Database file (in this case it was C:\GameBase\GBC_v15\GBC_v15.mdb)

02. Open the Attached spreadsheet file

03. Copy Full Row of GA_ID, NAME, and Filename from Database to spreadsheet

04. The rest should be automatic, unless there is more than 25,000 entries.  In that case you will need to copy d2-F2 to d250001 - D ??  ??=to wherever file list ends

05. On first line of new text file type the path to the games for instance C:\GB64

06. Copy Row D to new text file

07.  Save  text file as  "Name of gamebase renamer.bat" 

08.  run new text file 

09.  optional:  add Pause at the end of the batch file

10.  Optional: Column E shows number of special characters (this mainly finds the letters with tildies and appostrophies)



Unfortunately It does not rename ALL of the files, only the ones actually listed in the database.  This is a problem with the GB64 creator, rather than the renamer.  For instance out of 42,718 screenshots 17,881 are not renamed, but there should be 1 per game.




GB64 Extras Rename.xlsx

GB64 Rename.xlsx




Copy Sid.bat

Move Sid.bat

Copy Screenshots.bat

Move Screenshots.bat

Copy Games.bat

Move Games.bat

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Thanks for this :) 

When I ran the .Bat files it was coming up with a file not found error, which I think I've fixed by adding missing Filename information from the database.

I hope you don't mind, I've attached what I've done in the hope other may find it useful.

Do you think it's possible to get this to work with filtered lists?

Copy Games.bat

Move Games.bat

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If anyone needs them, I've filtered the games list to only have just the physically released English langauge games, with no educational games.

It gets the list down to a much more manageable 4137  titles, including a few alternate versions of some games. 

Thanks again to Aevans0001 for making the original files to do this.

I'd recommend using the COPY.bat to leave your original files intact, just incase there's a particular game you want that's missing. 
Obviously you'll have to change the first line of each file to point to your own Gamebase directory.

C64 Filtered COPY.bat

C64 Filtered MOVE.bat

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