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Hi All,

I searched around the forums and i didn't come across what i should be aiming for hardware wise in a computer.

I am pretty new to the emu community and i am currently about to rebuild a PC for my cabinet. I am unsure as to what to use. I have 3 extra gaming PC's at home not being used much, all 3 have an SSD somewhere between 240-1000gb and at least one HD. The video cards vary from a EVGA 770 to 1070. All have at least 16 gb of ram. Each has a k processor and all are running overclocked.

I am leaning towards using the PC with a 770 GTX in it as that case is a huge NZXT case and will easily accommodate 4 hds. I can rebuild into that cabinet but i want to have the best functioning system possible. So, will it make a big difference if i use a 1070 vs. a 770? I think the base specs for all 3 pcs are fairly similar in the builds other than the video cards, maximus boards, Samsung ssd's, corsair ram. 

Next am i better off running Windows 10 or Windows 7?

And much storage space should i add? I figure i can fit 4 HD's in my NZXT Phantom case but if i install 4 - 6-10 gb HD's will it all still function OK and is it needed? I want to have as many games as possible with it still running smooth.

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For emulation you generally want the fastest single thread performance CPU. Some of the newer emulators such as Cemu and RPCS3 will take advantage of multi core CPUs.

Video card for the most part does not matter much though it will help with the newer emulators like Cemu and RPCS3.

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Perfect, i will set it up with the 770.

Only thing i am still unsure about is what to get for storage. I can add multiple HD's but if i do will LB function smoothly? I would prefer to rebuild it with all the storage needed. I have a bunch WD 8GB HD's i can grab for free from work. 



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