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PSX Bins Combine into one without losing in-game audio // CHD files

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Hi all,

I have gathered a full set of US PSX games plus not a few PAL ones as well so my aim here is to save some space. After weeks of playing around and reading I have come up with different ways of combining games with multiple bins (normally audio tracks) into one, which is pretty straightforward to be honest. After this I tend to convert them into PBP files but since it is painfully taking a lifetime to convert every single game one by one I am seriously considering batch converting them to CHD. (I was using ePSXe first and now RA Mednafen HW).

Everything is OK until this point BUT I have realised after combining bin files some games, they lose audio tracks and while playing I can hear, for instance, the sound effects but not the music. This has happened to me recently with Wipeout 3.

My ideal world is to be able to:

1) Combine every single game to has just one cue/bin without losing any audio information and prepare them to

2) Batch conversion to CHD. This also without losing any kind of information from the prior cue/bin. Nor data or audio wise.

My methods of combining bin files are:

  • Daemon Tools Lite + Img Burn: mounting the .cue with Daemon in a virtual drive and creating and image from disc with the latter software.
  • UltraIso: opening the .cue or main .bin and converting the game (again) into cue/bin.

I am keen on suggestions of every kind or if you have a different workflow/pipeline for achieving this.

Many thanks if you read this! This is driving me crazy.


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I used an old program called CDMage, it's really easy with it, just load the .cue and save it, nothing more. Then converted them to .chd. But! I didn't test too much games so maybe could be problems with some of them and I just didn't realize.

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Thanks mate!

Actually I have been doing some more tests on that and can convert straight from cue/multiple bin to chd so that solves everything I guess! And worked for Wipeout 3 at last!! 😁

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Literally just placing the chdman/bat file next to the game directory and executing.

I didn't know this was possible and it was a friend of mine saying the first pbp version I had converted of Wip3out 3 missed the music since I had not played it that much back in the day.

It make sense because you can see info such as the number of audio files (. bin) your source has, cue, etc. In the command prompt when the chd file is being created. 

Will follow this procedure with more multitrack games just in case but it's double great for time and storage saving! 😊

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