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Looking to make Big Box have the proper artwork/movies/music without overdoing it on space

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Been using Launch Box for awhile now, but only just got the full version on the Black Friday sale. I'm LOVING all of the features that I wasn't full aware of, but that does meaning learning to get the most out of it.


So I downloaded a Mike Tyson's Punch Out video from Emu Movies, but it's 50 megs. Downloaded the SMB 2 music, but that was 8 megs. As much as I love the quality, that could add up very quickly. This leads me to a few questions:


1. Is there a way to add a video for a specific console that will play any time a game for that console is selected in Big Box mode? I.E. if I choose Contra for the NES, it will play a generic NES video.

2. I used the tool "download platform/playlist theme video" for all my systems, thinking that it would do what I was looking for in the first question. What does this actually do?

3. What image types would you recommend downloading for Big Box mode in order to avoid downloading images that it won't use/need, but that covers its basics (like backgrounds, for instance)?

4. I really enjoyed having the SMB 2 music playing when I select it, but again, I don't want to have an 8 meg file for each specific game. With thousands of games, that also fills up fast. Is there a way to have a playlist of music for each system that will randomly play instead of only for specific games? Obviously, this could overlap with videos playing, so I'd probably just choose one or the other, but I want to my options.

Edit: 5. Also, what is "attract mode"? I have it enabled, set it to 10 seconds, but it never kicks in. When is it supposed to work?

Anyways, I love all the work the community puts into making Launch Box filled with customization, so consider that a preemptive "thanks"!

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