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Idea for a web based access to installed game collection and information

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I'm not sure if this kind of idea has already been proposed or exists somewhere, but I couldn't seem to find it anywhere and thought I'd post.

Was thinking about how it would be amazing to be able to access a web based page that lists your current game collection, broken down into the same platforms or systems that you have installed, and information about each game. Also the ability to filter on the same types of things like 2 player or 4 player, run searches etc.

The idea in my mind for using this would be to have a tablet or ipad,  pull up the page and scroll through what's installed to learn more about a game. This would be perfect for when multiple people are over and those that aren't actively playing can browse what else is installed and pick what's next to play. This would also be for sharing with other people to see what you have installed, or to look for yourself online when not using your launchbox setup and to confirm what you do/do not have.

I can see how this (in theory) wouldn't be too terribly difficult to extract the information from launchbox to translate to a web page. It would be amazing to be able to have image and video previews and such, basically a web based access to how Launchbox or Big Box looks and accesses your collection, but only to view the things you have installed. 

Really just throwing out an idea here, I'm not developing anything but thought something like this would be pretty cool if it were possible. Almost seems like if this were possible / allowed, someone could host images and such (again no clue on what is legal or not or the 'who' would be for this idea) and provide a place with the main infrastructure, and ability to upload whatever would be necessary from your specific setup to the site which would populate your own collection page under your account. 

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This already exist in a limited form with the Games DB. You can link Launchbox to the Games DB and it will sync your collection. It is limited in the data it shows and the breakdown for genres, but what you mentioned is basically there. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 8.54.02 AM.png

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Just be sure you have everything the way you want it because you cant edit or change it later.  

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