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Extract roms not working properly

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A Little Context
I'm currently using the nointro collection on a portable hard drive and it launches zipped files okay when using the RocketLauncher.
With the latest feature addition of the launch screen to BigBox beta I've decided to take out the middle man, mainly because I find RocketLauncher overcomplicated and, overall, I want the process to many as few steps as possible.

Current Setup
So I've setup Retroarch emulator with all the cores I had pre-configured in LaunchBox emulator window and marked the option to extract roms before launching.

the problem is LaunchBox is opening the zip file in 7zip (default zip app) instead of extracting and launching the game.

Tried solutions

  • Reinstalling 7zip,
  • Changing the Windows default app to WinRAR (open the zip file in winrar).

Can anyone help me with this?


Thanks :)

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Do you have the games associated with the emulator you want to use ?

You can turn on "Extract Rom Archive Before Running" in the Edit Emulator window for the emulator you want to use for the platform if needed, this will depend on the emulator if it is required or not.

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The option to extract rom is on, but once I remove rocketlauncher it no longer works. And the funny thing is, with RocketLauncher configured I can right click the game and launch it with retroarch and it works.

Anyways, I will try to re-install it.

Thanks for your help

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