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thousands of empty zips inside of rom set. is this normal

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How are you guys. I had a rom collection way back in 2000, but just got into it again and am building a cabinet etc.

So i might not be understanding something. 

Ive downloaded a 197 core split set. 60 gigs, but once downloaded, 11,000+ zip files were empty inside.  why would all these zips be empty.  I did select all and properties and the total space unzipped was under 4 gigs (not 60+).   

So I downloaded again... and the same thing happened.  This time i didn't event unzip it,  instead i opened it to browse around and although lots of files said they were 250kb,  1300 kbs, etc,   when i opened them they were empty.  

So then i downloaded a different set.  193 split set.   and again the same thing is occurring..   thousands of empty rom zips.   


Sooooo, my question is,  and will likely sound stupid, but is this supposed to be like this?  sounds dumb but i never know, they could be placeholders for games that are not compatable or something. figured i would ask. 

anyone else ever have this scenario

Im going to try again to download a set but with a different computer but since it takes two days, i figured i would ask because ive been trying to get started for a week LOL  

I wouldn't post a link because im not sure if it's aloud, but i get them from org "archive".  i assume you guys would know what im talking about  :)


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No, this is not normal.

The archive set should be good but I have not downloaded their Mame set, I get them from the pleasure dome.

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Hey Lordmonkus, thanks I will check that site out next because im having no luck with the archive site at all. thanks man.  I really appreciate the reply. its been driving me nuts. waiting for 2 days each time just to not be proper. lol. then try it again and wait another 2 days. lol. 

thanks man. im headed there now. 

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