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Cloud Registration Trouble

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I've just started using this service and I'm feeling kind of a idiot asking about this, but..

I am trying to register into the cloud service through the LaunchBox app, but I'm having a problem about my login info.. The app tells me that I'm using incorrect login info, but I hve no toruble when I try to login on the website, as you guys can tell as I'm using the forum. However when I try to see my info on the website, it shows a smaller password than the one I created for my account, and I don't know what is this about..

I'm sure I am trying to use the exact same password on both websire and app, but there is something wrong with it, and I don't know what is it..

Maybe you guys can help me please..

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Do you have an account on the LaunchBox Games DataBase site I believe you have to be registered there to utilize the cloud sync. It doesn't use the same login credentials as the Forums so you have to create a second account.

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