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Tool for emulator controller fallback?

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Hello, I don't know if such a tool exist, but I'm looking to something similar to the function "use all contrllers" that is implemented in LB/BB, but for Windows/Emulators.

While my issue dosnt apply to all emulator, I use both my switch and a standard xbox contrller to play my emulation games. Some emulators (snes9x in mind) will map one of these as Controller0 and the other as contrller 1, while i'd like to have em both to fallback as contrller0 if the other is not found.

I know Windows 10 kind of screwed badly controller listing, but I am wondwering is something to solve my issue is possible, even outside the realm of Launchbox.

Disclaimer: while it would work to some extend, dont tell me the "use retroarch" reply, please. I hardly use it, and find it flawed for my needs at the moment.


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