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Hi, I wish to ask for a feature, if possible.


Launchbox conveniently stores the data in images folder and them per system. I wish I could select where to store the media.


For example: I have it on my arcade cabinet on onedive, so I can manage from my pc without needing to change anything. But when I travel, as my notebook only have 500gb of ssd precious storage, I wish I could use just copy the folder of the system and get roms and all my stuff ready. Also, it is easier to backup or seed the system with a friend (everyone I can I talk about BIGBOX).

My suggestion would be:

Drive Letter R: System name







Well, just my idea. I was doing this on Recallbox, so I can share the system with all the media in case that I need.

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go to tools edit platform pick a platform edit it and go to the folders tab you can set any folder you want to here but you will have to do this manually for everything you want to move which can be a PITA your best bet would be to create simlinks to link the folder locations so you can do so.

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