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Database changes not saved

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47 minutes ago, JoeViking245 said:

Just some thoughts..

a) Look at the different platforms and see if there's a new one like "PS2" or "Sony Playstation 2" or "Playstation 2".

b) Under platforms click All.  Then above that search for a name of one of your new games and see if it sows up.

Nada. Looks like the DB really isn't saving for me.

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1 hour ago, Retro808 said:

Just to be clear when you say "database" you mean your Launchbox, correct? Not to be confused with the database we have called Games DB.

Make sure you do not have any of the "Hide" options ticked under the View menu in LB.



Nada. This issue of mine is pretty puzzling.

EDIT: Yeah, my database.

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I had some DB issues earlier where the LB DB kept reverting to an older version every time I exited and came back to LB.  See this thread below but in my case clearing out Windows TMP/TEMP files and clearing the LB Cache seemed to address.


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