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do you do pixel ? (help needed)

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Do you do pixel? I'm learning to theme. and I'm hoping to attract talented (pixel) artists that are willing to help me out.. 

You might know the Snes Mini Theme from retropie (ruckage (awesome!)). I want to port that theme, do a little of my own thing with it ... but I'm working on expanding the icons that it came with.

I made some my self.. using work from across the internet (thanks BLUEamnesiac ) 

I was hoping some of you might help me out.. if you could.. 

rough draft of what the theme would look like, 1126005693_BB_SNESminimockup.thumb.png.53e15d5a7e8e70219638ff7d6d881091.png
a sample of icons that ruckage made, I'm editing them so that I have the icon and the logo. 
The samples are Famicom disk system, Sega game gear, Sony PSP, Sony playstation, NEC turboGrafx 

My own creations (sample) 

Nintendo Satellaview, Nintendo 3ds and Sega Saturn. 

I'm trying to stick to the same style.. 

If you can draw pixel art, and you want to help me.. and yoru awesoem at redrawing consoles and later icons please send me a message or reply below :)






Nintendo 3ds.png

nintendo satellaview.png

sega saturn.png

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24 minutes ago, damageinc86 said:

Wow, I think these are actually very cool.  I'd love a pixel theme. 

Thanks ! some help would be awesome though..

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I'd love some help too. I've been trying to create some pixel art for the background of my cabinet's control panel. I am not good at it, and what I've done is too 2D, lacking any shading/depth.

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