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Arcade & Diner - Dynamic Stereo Ambience

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Arcade & Diner - Dynamic Stereo Ambience

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If you like to simulate an arcade setting, audio helps give it that extra dimension/mood. Just fire up the mp3 with your media player of choice and MAME-away :)

This is an hour long ambience Mp3 file, I mixed several sources of a diner and an arcade together with a dynamic left to right panning mix on 4 tracks, especially useful when you've set up a home cinema / audio set which has the ability of spreading 2 channel stereo to the back speakers as 4 channel stereo. When the dynamic panning sets in it comes really close to a real surround mix, it makes the ambience feel more realistic with depth. Now I haven't tested the file yet with headphones on so be warned, it might not be a suitable mix for this as you might hear too much detail where the rough panning wasn't performed well.



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