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M64P Random crashes on start up

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Hi everyone!

The emulator will sometimes run the game from the get go, it will crash, it will keep crashing or it will crash a couple of times before succesfully launching. I have tried it on a couple of games but it keeps happening. I am using the default m64p settings except that I have set count per op  to 1 and I use 1080x1920 resolution with crop overscan. changing these settings to default don't prevent the crashes.

I have been searchin on the web but I haven't any page detailing a similar issue to mine. Nothing as irragular as my crashing issues though.


Thanks in Advance

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Honestly it sounds either like a software corruption issue or Hardware issue. Have you tried basic troubleshooting, like redownloading the emulator directly from the source? What Romset are you using? Have you tried using another emulator? Some more info would allow people to help you more. 

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Thanks for your reply

I am using a no intro Romset which works flawlessly for the Retroarch Mupen and Project64. By downloading directly from the source I assume you mean that I download M64P from the creators website or do you mean the original Mupen64?  

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