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29 minutes ago, DOS76 said:

Neil do you work for the tourist bureau?

lol, just thought i would give some context. A lot of people just think London when they hear England, so just wanted to show we have more than that expensive pollution ridden city. :) 

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Bundaberg, QLD (Queensland), Australia.

01) Koalas are not bears.

02) Toilets flush both directions in both hemispheres.

03) Fosters is one of the most unpopular beers over here.

04) I, or most people here, have never put a shrimp on the ‘barby’. We do not even call them shrimp, we call them prawns.

05) About a quarter of Australians were born overseas (26%) which is a higher proportion than any other nation on Earth. So we are not all descendants of convicts.

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The swamps of Nether far below sea level where the alpine water slowly makes its way and turns to dirt. I don't like tulips, wooden shoes and water peroxide blond politicians. I do like cheese sometimes and my main transport is a bike(cycle). Close to the Dam of Amster.

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8 hours ago, madhatter3339 said:

Really cool to see people from all over but brought together because of the love for games. Yeah bbweiners youre not too far away globally speaking but not close enough for having beers, playing games or in the garage building arcades machines and pinball machines.


True. It would be fun to be able to hang out with Launchbox people.

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