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Onedrive "hack"

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I just want to share a thing that is helping me out.

I use a piece of software to keep my folders synced: GoodSync (https://www.goodsync.com/). This one have a lot of features, and I use it to sync with the data on my nas and usb drives, etc. Pretty handy. It has a filter option, so you can set it to sync and select folders/files to exclude, in my case, the Cache-LB and Cache-BB folders.

I will use the onedrive folder to keep my cabinet up to date (cabinet will be in my office, in the cafeteria), and to be able to use the files on my Notebook if I ever wish to on the go. So, this is a "workaround".

The downside is that you will need to have 2 copies of your Launchbox folder on your PC, and do not forget to use this second copy to run launchbox from. In my case, I am running it from my USB-HD, on usb 3.0 and I am not noticing any difference on speed. I can use the HD on the go, no problem. It syncs with my Lbox folder on my onedrive. 

The reason I am doing this is that I have a slow internet speed and everythime I change the "boxarts" on my launchbox, it creates the cache images again, and renders the internet unusable as it starts to sync.

I have launchbox now on my main pc (where I set everything), some roms on my USB-HD so I can use on the go, I can set the view accordingly to my mood without much hassle.

It is a bit pricey, but it works for me and even sync files that are open, handy for my use scenario. If someone use a different software, maybe a free one, let me know. It might help others.


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Just a couple months ago I was looking at different "backup" software, means and methods and found what I really wanted to do was "sync" my arcade drive.  I tried several and landed on FreeFileSync.  I think it'll do what you're looking for and is (of course) free.  (Big fan of the GNU License :) )


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