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Genres that aged well while others didn’t

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I‘m not talking about a specific game but genres in general.

And  i still realy like to play any side scroller Mario type game.

Horizontal/vertical shooters like 1942 are also very playable games today.

Beat em ups games are still fine even it’s not my prevered genre.

Tactic games like Dune II or Syndicate is where it starts to vary.

But 3D games like Doom aged horrible with the lores textures. Man we where so hyped at the early 90s about

this new kind of games but today they look so poor compared to other game genres.

might be only me but i can’t even stand watching them on YouTube.

i find it sad because they don’t deserve it.

would be interesting to hear what you think of genres that aged well or not.

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Posted (edited)

I agree. By today's standards Doom and other FPS's like Slayer and Blood are so pixelated and claustrophobic that it hurts the eyes. And if you walk right up to a wall you start grabbing your head and screaming.

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