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'The ROM file you have specified does not exist'

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I am getting the above error in Launchbox. When I right click on the game itself and open the games folder, it opens the correct folder and the ROM is there. Is there a ROM path wrong somewhere and how do I correct it.

Thanks all



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I had same problem, I went into launchbox, right clicked on the game, selected edit, went to bottom, launcher, ROM file, the path looked correct, but I still pressed browse and chose the game, after that it started right up, it's happened to a bunch of my games today, but that fixes it every time

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On 12/28/2019 at 9:22 AM, Archivegamer said:


Pretty time consuming to do that to hundreds of games one by one. I guess no one has a real solution to this because I posted about this same issue the other day & got crickets on here. And I still can't load any of my NES or TG16 games in LB.  Didn't even change directories, I just imported ONE Famicom rom & apparently that screwed everything up somehow

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It is possible you are experiencing a corruption in the xml file for those platforms. As a test, why don't you create another platform for NES or TG16 making sure to name it differently, but use the scrape as option to make sure items are imported correctly. If everything works after doing that, this would prove the theory. You could then delete the test platform as well as the original, then re-import.

You could also run the platform xml files for these two platforms through an xml verify type app to see if any typical xml errors pop up.

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To fix this issue I had to open MAME, then go to Configure Options/Configure Directories/roms/Add folder. I added the correct folder, but then when backing out, you have to hit "Save Configuration" on the last MAME menu prior to exiting the menu. If you do not, then MAME does not create the ini file, and LB does not see it (similar to the above mentioned issue).

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