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Integrate Vmware or virtualbox in LB

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Hi guys

I'd like to know how to add games running under virtual machines to Launchbox. 

I have Aliens extermination in Virtualbox and Target Terror in Vmware.


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Personally, I don't use VirtualBox or Vmware. I use PCem for Windows 95 stuff and DOSBox Daum for 3.1 stuff. PCem supports emulated video acceleration up to a Voodoo 2, so it's good for games.

In PCem (or really any environment) you basically just set your game up in your 95 environment and then add the game to the Windows startup folder, so that it'll launch on boot. Then I make a .bat that tells PCem to start directly into a specific config:

PCem.exe --config ".\configs\Windows 95.cfg" --fullscreen

Then I add the .bat to LB and voila. It boots into Windows 95 and then directly into the game.

For 3.1 stuff, as I said I use DOSBox Daum. You can add a game to the Windows 3.1 WIN.INI file in the Windows folder, by adding it into the run= field:

image.png.43a297aefd83149fd8472f4a1b4f64a0.pngThis is essentially the same thing as adding something to the startup folder in Windows 95. DOSBox starts, 3.1 boots, and as soon as it boots it goes straight into the game.

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