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Issue Launching Game via Gameloader in Big Box (Works fine in Launchbox)

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I've recently starting adding many of the windows based arcade games that use various gameloaders vs emulators and I'm struggling with 2 games that must launch from the gameloader vs. the game.exe file. (Sega Rally 3 & Ford Racing Full Blown) Both use a loader called Mohkers Loarderz which launches the game.exe from its associated .ini file. Everything launches and runs fine in Launchbox however Big Box will not launch the game. (It definitely launches the loader but then everything outside of bigbox closes abruptly)

In Launchbox, All I have is the path to the loader listed in the "Application path" field and it runs fine. (..\SR3\MohkerzLoaderz.exe)

What do I need to do to get this working in Big Box?

As note, I've never been able to get Teknoparrot to work (crashes when I attempt to configure any games controls in the UI interface) so I've given up on it and use various loaders to load the same games instead.

Please Help! Thanks in advance!

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Team, any ideas on this? Another way to look at my problem is if I create an AHK that launches a windows-based game in a different directory and the AHK closes after the windows game launches. I use the AHK as my game listed in the "Application path" field. No other parameters are set in launchbox nor do I have an emulator selected on the "emulators" tab.

Launchbox launches and runs the game perfectly however Big Box launches the AHK and the "Exits" and closes the windows game and returns to the "Play Game" menu.


How can I solve for this??

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