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C64 Dreams (massive curated C64 collection)

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I'm familiar with c64sets (which has nice scans but a pretty limited selection) and retrocollector; the latter of which, in rather cancerous fashion, puts a nice big watermark on everything, so I refuse to use them. To add insult to injury they have some extremely rare media there that I haven't seen anywhere else, yet have the audacity to hamfistedly slap their shit on it like a video rental store out of the 90s. The preservation of tangential media like covers and manuals, while not quite as important as the preservation of the games themselves, is still important; and behavior like that actively damages that effort. /rant

I haven't seen c64tapes before though, and it looks like they have some nice scans of some of those inside covers that I mentioned, so thanks! That should help.

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Not familiar with that one either, I'll take a look.

For reference, the primary sites that I used for manuals were:


These generally weren't great for tape manuals though. has a decent selection in the tapes subcategory, but generally these sites focused more on separate manuals, i.e. not ones that were included as part of the tape cover.

The other thing to keep in mind is that oftentimes manuals for 8-bit PCs were cross-platform, and are oftentimes sites only have them listed under one (that isn't C64). The most common crossover is between ZX Spectrum and C64, but in some cases you might see Spectrum, C64, Amstrad, and Atari 8-bit all sharing one manual, and have it only listed under one of those platforms on the site they're uploaded to, so that complicates matters.

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For anyone interested @Z3R0B4NG sent me this link which contains the files in question, and do indeed include the inside scans. It's uh... pretty eye-watering. Gonna have to dive deep into this over the weekend. What a treasure trove.


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